Are you ready transform your energy and clear what currently holds you back?

Start with this high intensive 30-day programme to help you get the CLARITY, FOCUS and the ENERGETIC REFINEMENT to hold and bring your dreams into fruition

Welcome to the "30-Day Vibrational Shift Programme

Are you ready to take charge of your life and manifest the abundance, love, and happiness you deserve?

If yes, look no further, because I created this fast track specifically for you!

Three of the biggest factors that stops people from growing, moving forward or feeling fulfilled in life are:

1. Inner child wounds or Trauma

2. Blocked physical energy

3. Inability to vision or dream big.

This is exactly what these 30 days programme is about! Where I privately work with you to unblock all of these. You will heal and clear what’s is currently holding you back.

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Throughout our time together...

you'll be guided on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

  • You'll learn how your thoughts and emotions affect your energy and vibration and how to shift it to a higher level.
  • You'll practice techniques such as breath-work, gratitude, visualization, positive affirmations, journeying, and mindfulness that will help you to manifest your desired life.
  • You'll become clear and focused on your purpose and vision.
  • You'll activate a connection to a higher knowledge that will help you feel better in control of your thoughts and emotions and your ability to manifest your desired life.
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But this isn't just any programme. 

It's a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, and you'll receive personalised mentorship as you journey through the 30days.

  • An opportunity to understand how to work with your own energy and vibrations to manifest the life you want.
  • A guided process to shift your energy and vibration to a higher level, which can result in positive changes in your life
  • Its a journey shift your energy and vibration which could help overcome some of the difficulties you may currently be experiencing and manifest the life they want.
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Snapshots of some experiences as they journeyed through the programme...

“I don’t know what it is, but wonderful things have started to happen in the past few weeks. Looking at the challenge in the photo of week 2, I realised I did all these in various shapes and forms. Saying yes to smth I have been holding me back .”


“Your meditations are by far the best I've ever done 😍


“The inner child healing is so powerful... this is the 4th time I am doing this programme..."


"I wanted to share my todays spirit animal journey 🤗... I saw the vision for the world of what i can give.... The thing that make me happy what i was able to give to the world was this place...Thank you for this beautiful journey 😘 ❤”


Don't let another day go by feeling stuck and unfulfilled.


Take control of your life and join the "30-Day Vibrational Shift Programme: Transform Your Energy and Manifest the Life You Want" today!

This will most likely be unlike any programme you've ever experienced.

It's fast, fun, comprehensive - giving you a mix of self practice with personalised coaching from an experienced Mentor who has speciality in energy alchemy, manifestation technique to business mentorship.

About Folake Bee

Folake is a Mystic/ Mentor and founder of Inner Power Game.

Former tech girl and also former Co founder of a London based video production company, featured on Forbes, Cosmopolitan, with clients from Tony Robbins to Selena Gomez.

Folake supports high achievers to be powerful at what they do without the usual overwhelm and burnout.

Having a vast experience in business development and supporting CTOs to other leaders in business, her winning strategy is however in infusing Alchemy to help her clients create from an expanded energetic capacity and hold more of wealth, love and life with ease.

It’s better to experience the kind of support Folake provides as words are not enough to convey the magic you will feel in her energy.

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