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Naomi Gale - Healing and Happiness Through The Vagina

In this week's episode, Naomi says in your Vagina lies the keys to your happiness! We dive into the importance of reconnecting back to this part of ourselves as the key to healing and happiness and essentially our power centre. Naomi's story is fascinating in what she’s had to navigate going through the fertility system due to Azoospermia. A challenge that many who have ever navigated the fertility journey will relate to. And how is it that we're missing this really important link, with how our experiences, traumas, challenges, wounds, are manifested in the body as period pains, infertility, to irregular cycles and yet not recognise medically. We navigate it all! *Please note that this episode contains some adult nature terminologies.* Reference made: 👉🏾 Inner Power Game Private Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/313971127345372 Naomi Gale: https://thisisnaomigale.co.uk/